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I am an ex-Sandhurst instructor, former Army Commando and for the last 12 years I have been running successful companies in the area of training, coaching, e-commerce and consulting.

My passions include Ironman triathlon (20 and counting), Watford FC, music and reading.

My purpose is simple.

To help guide and inspire you to live a full, abundant life without limits!

High Performance Coaching

A gathering of like-minded individuals, committed to their personal development and to creating sustained, high performance across all areas of their lives.

Free courses and paid membership levels available. All are welcome!
Peter is an outstanding leadership consultant, coach and mentor. Working with him  has been an incredible experience and has significantly contributed to my own personal growth.
Andreas Gschwari, CCO Modern Wolf
We have really enjoyed the sessions, which have been enjoyable, engaging and inspirational. We always have plenty to implement in the business between sessions.
Colm McGinley - CEO, McGinley Group

Peter Lewis

High Performance Coach, Facilitator and Speaker.